(do-sent'; G. -tsent'), n. [G. docent, dozent, fr. L. docens, pres. part.]
Orig., short for Privatdocent; now, a teacher or lecturer; do-cent'ship, n.
The Docent of www.dwightkirsch.com is Brooks Kelly, Ph.D.
Dr. Brooks Kelly is the Creator & Originator, the Copyrighter & General Manager of the Kirsch Digital Research Library & Art Gallery & www.dwightkirsch.com, and he is also a Grandnephew and life-long extreme friend of Dwight Kirsch & Family.
Dwight Kirsch verbally requested to Dr. Brooks Kelly, before Kirsch died at the old-folks home, that he do this work. And Dr. Kelly agreed. The years went by .. much happened .. Dr. Kelly stayed busy.. . . . and productive, and did this work..

Docent's Note:
You can take this one straight to the bank..
This is about what Dwight wanted, not about what you or anybody else wanted. So if you are a hater, get over it.
You couldn't stop it then and you can't stop it now.
It's here, it's done.
It was a NOBEL CAUSE. It was worth the sarcrifice, and if you don't like it, thank you very much but too bad.
And i really, really mean that, from the bottom of my heart and with every fiber, atom and molecule of my being
Dwight Kirsch will have his day!
- that is the take-home message -
Like a freight train coming your way...

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