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Saguro Cactus & Flower


Sailboats, Lakaina Bay

Sand Dunes With Mountains

Sandhills Pond

Sandhills 1

Sandhills 2

Sand Pit In Sumi


Sangre de Christos And Sky

Sangre de Cristo Peaks & Clouds From Road SW Of Westcliffe

Sangre de Cristo Range & Clouds near Westcliffe

Santa Fe-Street Corner & El Pavon

Santa Ho-Ho-Ho Self-Portrait

Scattered Pines On Hill

Scene On Kodiak Island

Sculpture At The Sheldon Gallery, Lincoln
Sculpture At The Sheldon Gallery, Lincoln

Sea And Sky

Self Portrait (John Kirsch)

Self Portrait

Self Portrait 2

Self Portrait 3

Serpent Clouds

Serrated Clouds

Shop Front-Wild Iris-in Old Colorado City

Shopping Center With Trees - Old Town Albuquerque

Shrub Cactus In Bloom

Six Tulips from Alice Lewton

Six Irises & One Bud

Six Soaring Seagulls

Sketch Of Pikes Peak

Sleeping Deer

Smoky-Pink Iris


Snow Drift at CSVH


Snow in Courtyard & Ladder Under My Window

Snow On Tumbleweeds And Tables Outside Rec Room

Snow On Peak

Snowy Rim Above Pines

Snowy Sand Dunes

Southern France With Mark (JoAnn Kelly Alexander)

Spiral Rainbow

Spouting Horn With Branches Of Causuariana Near Poipu Beach

Spring Bouquet

Spring Flowers

Springtime With Wooden Fence

Stained Glass Display, Bedalah

Star Of David

Starvation Peak

Still Life On Blue Green

Storm Clouds At Sunset

Storm Clouds Over Mountains

Study Of Frost On The Sandhills


Sunday pm at Westcliffe


Sunflowers At Sunset NW From CSVH

Sunrise Impression

Sunset Near Florence

Sunset Over Mountains

Sunset Over Peaks

Sweeping Clouds Over The Sangre de Cristos

Swirls In Green Etc

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