Kirsch Art Gallery on CD-ROM

Dwight and dad
(Fred Kirsch)
Uncle Jake Kirsch
Uncle Jake (with Fred looking out the window)

Aunt Bess Kirsch and Dwight
Dwight playing with Uncle Jake and Aunt Bess
Dwight with kids at school

Dwight as a young man


Misc. life in art
Truby Kelly (Kirsch)

Truby and Dwight
John Kelly Kirsch

with Truby and Gandma Kelly
John pulling Uncle Jake's Beard
Kirsch Family
John and Truby
John painting
John looking into the mirror

John and Truby at Grandma Kelly's Pool in Atkinson, NE
Christmas Card from the Kirsch Family
playing indians
Steven Warren Kelly
and JoAnn Kelly (Alexander)
Truby and John
John Kirsch
- painting again -
John and student
JoAnn Kelly (Alexander), John Kirsch, Brenda Kelly (Livingston)
John Kirsch, Gene Livingston, Fred Alexander
Fred Alexander, John Kirsch, Brenda Kelly (Livingstone), Wendy, Kelly & Mark Alexander
The Kelly Cousins
Assorted Misc.
Assorted Misc.

Kirsch home interiors
Kirsch home interior 3
Panels in Kirsch home
Dwight lecturing group of ladies
Illustration re Nebraska
Illustration in "Old Jules" for Mari Sandoz
Illustration in "Old Jules" for Mari Sandoz
Illustration in "Old Jules" for Mari Sandoz
Dwight and John
Talking about trip to Mexico
Dwight and Truby clowning it up
Instructing oriental student
Painting farm views
Painting farm views
Painting farm views with Truby
Farewell to Miss Moore


Dwight Sketching with Corn Cob
Self portrait in mirrors
With Sketch of Ted Knappen
Sketch of Ted Knappen
Dwight painting mural
Mahaska State Bank 1
Mahaska State Bank 2
Mahaska State Bank 3
Mahaska State Bank 4
Mahaska State Bank 5
Old Hall, UN-L
Plants by water
Town Pump (Atkinson, NE)
(with poem on back)

Tree - sumi
Windmill by Stocktank

Class in Natural Stains

Class in Natural Stains

Portrait of Oriental Lady
With self-portrait
more John Kirsch art
Jo Wadel

Cat - Woodblock Carving
Dead Pigeon on Crate
John's Sculpture "Madonna and Child," inside Kirsch home

JoAnn Kelly Alexander

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